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Events Page
Allow users to view events with stall and RV Prices listed. Users can book stalls and RV spots in one transaction or separate transactions depending on availability for the event.
Event Management
Create and edit events that are tailor-fit for your needs. Set up online booking windows to give users access to reservations before the event starts. Easily view event information such as event name, booking window, event dates, check-in/check-out times, total stalls, and total RV spots from the events table.
Stall Management
Preassign available stalls and send out stall assignments via text. Provide a VIP experience to the users where they can go straight to their assigned stall with their shavings and additional purchases already delivered.
Run reconciliation reports that monitors orders which were taken by employees at the end of each shift. Event Reports allow the ability to quantify the purchased products and determine the total purchase amount per product.
Reservations Page
Allow the user to select stall reservations, RV spots for full, nighty, or partial event dates. In addition, add ons such as shavings, floor mats, and box fans can also be selected in multiple quantities.
Renter Management
Stay up to date with the renter’s check-in/check-out dates, reservation status, special requests, and contact information.
RV Spot Management
Assign and manage RV spots with the ability to set up different lot types with the lot description, specific pricing, and associated hookups.