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All your rodeo entries in one place.
The Dashboard
The user has the ability to create their own profile which includes personal information, social media associations, profile photo, career earnings, and number of championships earned. In addition, the user has the ability to save their payment options, add a youth athlete, and contact customer support.
Event Listing
View all events and the associated details on the searchable events page. Users also have the option to enter multiple disciplines, multiple times in one single transaction to increase productivity.
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Events Page
Allow users to view events with stall and RV Prices listed. Users can book stalls and RV spots in one transaction or separate transactions depending on availability for the event.
Event Management
Create and edit events that are tailor-fit for your needs. Set up online booking windows to give users access to reservations before the event starts. Easily view event information such as event name, booking window, event dates, check-in/check-out times, total stalls, and total RV spots from the events table.
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